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Easter Card

Bringing the Thoughts of the Great Minds of Serbian Culture Closer to the Contemporary World

Easter card from Serbia represents a multimedia presentation of the thoughts of great minds of Serbian culture, literature and religion read by inspired young actors Nenad Maricic, Andrej Sepetkovski and Bojan Zirovic. The background music used for the project is a song "Simonida"by Sanja Ilic and Balkanika. Each quote is followed by the corresponding photo, provided for our project by a number of artists and photographers.

Our wish was to greet all the Christians celebrating Easter on 4 April 2010. We would like to remind friends of Serbia worldwide of the true values and beauty of local and national character which has a global width and attraction.

The logo of the Serbian Center for Cooperation served as inspiration for our Easter card team. The logo represents the so called Serbian „resurrection flower“. This endemic species, known in scientific circles as Ramonda Serbica only grows in Jelashnica and Sicevacka gorge and is famous for its ability of anabiosis, i.e. this endemo-relict plant is capable of surviving long dry periods and getting alive again after being watered.

Watch the Easter card in the language of your choice:
Васкршња честитка из Србије
Easter Card from Serbia
Καλό Πάσχα την Σερβία
Message de Pâque de la Serbie
Mensaje de Pascuas de Serbia

Пасхальная открытка из Сербии
Messaggio per la Pasqua dalla Serbia