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Photo-expedition in the quest for Serbian Ramonda

Spring has finally arrived and adventure- and nature-lovers had the opportunity to join our photo expedition 16 May 2010 in the quest for Ramonda Serbica at Jelashnica and Sicevacka gorge, Serbia.

Ramonda Serbica

Our Team at Bojanine vode at Jelasnicka Gorge

Upon receiving confirmation of the Forest Organization of Nish that this endemic plant has blossomed so off we went to see it.

The so-called Serbian Phoenix flower Ramonda Serbica can survive the harshest conditions of drought during which it is almost dead, but as soon as better conditions appear, it lives again. In 1928 a herbarium made by a Russian scientist Pavel Cernavski included this plant too. He spilt some water over the plant by accident and the plant previously totally dry, produced flowers. That was an incredible discovery!

The team of the Serbian Center for Cooperation (SCC) fascinated by this mysterious endemic plant, which also served as inspiration for the logo of our center, organized a visit to the state-protected natural resort where the plant grows, in cooperation with the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, Forest Organization of Nis, Serbia and the Brussels-based organization Serbica.EU. The excursion was also supported by the Radio of the Archdiocese of Belgrade-Karlovac - SLOVOLJUBVE.

The aim of our photo expedition was to enable all nature lovers, interested in this part of Serbia, to visit the place where Ramonda Serbica grows, take a photo of it and learn more about this “resurrection flower”, about its ability of anabiosis and its astonishing features. At the end of the expedition, the best photographs were chosen. They will be exhibited at the Botanical Garden of Belgrade, and the lecture will be organized on this charming and rare species.